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Monitrice (Birth Doula):


The birth of a child is one of the most profound experiences any woman has.  I honor and respect the woman’s process during this time and my intention is to help her truly live into her experience.


This package includes one to three visits prenatally, presence and support at the birth, and one visit post-partum.  Also included is unlimited contact by email, phone, and text.

*For the best way to see if my offerings fit your needs, please contact me to schedule a free consultation.
For information about HypnoBirthing classes and lessons, click here

Night Doula:


As a night doula I offer overnight care for the new family once the baby is born.  Usually the visit lasts eight hours, but can be as many as 12.  This can be a very nourishing service to rest and recharge during the time of profound transition.


The service includes an in-home overnight where I am able to work with parents to assist them in realizing their goals and intentions.

Postpartum Doula:


“Postpartum support allows mothers and families to learn about their new baby in a safe, relaxed and supporting atmosphere. This in turn leads to better success with infant feedings, less anxiety and stress for the mother and family, and earlier bonding with the newborn.” Source: Mercola


See here a letter describing some different varieties of services available to families post partum.


A woman who has just given birth to a baby is embarking on a profound transformation, physically, mentally, and also in an ethereal, indescribably complex way.  It is my mission and my joy to support and witness this transformation.  I want to help a woman live into her new identity with consciousness and a feeling of confidence.

No one can be fully “prepared” for this transition, in much the same way as no one can fully “prepare” for the future.  It is unknown, and therefore impossible to grapple with the details that may come up. The purpose of my work is to take the need to be prepared away, with the knowledge that there will be a system of support in place when the time comes.


The core package usually includes five in-home visits after the baby is born, along with one visit prenatally, if applicable.   Also included is unlimited contact by email, phone, and text.

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