Dia attended the birth of our second son.  I had to have a c-section with our first son and was trying for a VBAC with our second.  Dia was absolutely wonderful - a calming, comforting presence who provided physical and emotional support from our very first contact through our postnatal meeting and beyond.  She also brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to help us with making decisions and facing challenges throughout the process.  


When she joined us at the hospital, I was struggling with the contractions and feeling overwhelmed by the interventions that the doctor was suggesting.  Dia immediately gave guidance and support which helped me to work through labor in a peaceful manner and have a successful VBAC without being induced and without pain medication.  I can't imagine our birth experience without her.  We highly recommend her as a doula! 

-Rachel, Longmont


... Dia is absolutely wonderful(!!) I recommend her SO highly as a postpartum doula, and feel that having those hours with her after (our baby's) birth was the best investment we made of anything else we did.  (Wish we'd had more time with her honestly) - It's hard to explain what is so important about having a doula PP, because when you're not in the PP state of mind, it is completely a foreign land & it almost seems like "is that really necessary?" - but after birth having someone so specifically trained and wise in all the ways of the "land" of postpartum was completely amazing.  A few examples:  She changed my sheets, she brought me beautiful food, she massaged me, took hormonal calls from me crying hysterically, helped me get the nursing right so much sooner, she took (the baby) so that I could nap, she helped (my husband) wear (the baby) and then created a special little Mama and "big sister" foot-bath ritual that was just for the two of us, and included big sister in such a beautiful way. . . I could go on. . . she is particularly amazing, because she is so wise, therapeutic and just lovely and comforting to be around.   


-Previous client DR

With Dia as my birth doula, I was able to give birth naturally - despite a very long labor. Dia was integral in helping me to believe in my strength, and she was an incredible source of comfort for both my husband and me in the delivery room. 


As my postpartum doula, Dia was always encouraging me to find and then trust my inner wisdom when making all sorts of decisions regarding my daughter’s needs. Whenever Dia came to my house my husband would compliment me on how calm the baby and I were that day! I can’t recommend Dia enough. 


- Jen Kurian

Boulder, CO

"Dia is incredibly supportive and calm, bringing a positive influence into the birthing room. I had the pleasure of working together with her during a very long labor and she was instrumental in helping the family have an empowering birth."

Dr. Jennifer Blattner, MD, FACOG

Hi Dia, 

I'm happy to report that I brought a little boy into the world on Thursday May 12th! He is healthy and we are both doing great! My labor and birthing experience was everything I was hoping and praying for. I succeeded in the hypnobirthing method, breathing him down in a relaxed and natural state. The doctor and nursing staff were amazing and honored all my wishes, making me feel completely in control. It was amazing. The doctor told me I was an inspiration. I am so grateful for the hypnobirthing method and for your classes. They prepared me and enabled me to have the birthing experience I deserved and always knew I could have. 


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